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Security Monitoring

In cases of emergencies, there is no time to waste. For fires and break-ins, you need split-second reaction times. At Innovative Systems, we pride ourselves on our lightning-fast reaction times in letting the relevant officials know as soon as one of our alarm systems goes off. We offer a wide range of security and fire alarm systems to suit your business and budget.

Our wireless systems use a cellular chip or broadband for connectivity rather than hardware meaning that they will stay active even if there is a power cut. We also offer motion detectors that detect any motion in the building when activated, and our door and window sensors pick up any time that a door or window is opened. Innovative Systems fire alarm systems produce both visual and audio alarms so that there is no way you’ll miss them. If your business is large and public, we also offer the additional option of a manual trigger so that in case of emergency, an individual can alert the rest of the building.

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